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Security Film

We are an authorized dealer of Solar Gard's line of security films, called Armorcoat®.  Security film, also known as safety film, is a very cost-effective way to secure both windows and doors.

Although it's not bullet-proof nor burglar proof, Armorcoat® is designed to significantly slow someone trying to break into your home office or office.  It would take an inordinate amount of time and energy to breach the window that is protected with Armorcoat®

Studies show most potential intruders would give up and move to the next home.

In fact, our security film is so effective, it is the safety film of choice to secure the Capitol Building, the Dept of Labor Building, and the FBI Building:

Armorcoat® is available in clear and in tinted versions.  The tinted Armorcoat® offers added privacy and protection from solar energy (helping you save money on air conditioning during the summer months.)

We have a bundle of film samples and can bring them to your home or office at your convenience.  Just let us know what's convenient for you and we will take care of the rest.


Benefits of Armorcoat

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FAQs - Security Film

Is it like a tint?

Yes, it is a film coating that is applied to the inside of the glass.  We offer tinted versions.  We also offer clear versions.

How much does it cost?

Armorcoat retails at $8-$10 per square foot.  Installation is a separate cost.

Does it reduce the amount of light?

Yes, we offer several versions  - including ones that will reduce the amount of light that pass through the window, ones that help you stay cool in the window and ones that add more privacy.

Why go with security film instead of security screens?

Security film is ideal for fixed windows, like the small windows commonly found on both side of a front door. Security film is also ideal for windows that are seldom opened.

Why choose Seahawk Security for security film?

This is a really important question.  We are different than the other companies because we actually make 2 visits to your home to complete the installation.  The first visit is dedicated to applying the film.  The second is to secure the film to the window frame after it has had a chance to cure.  Many companies will just go once because it takes time and money to go twice.  But they neglect a very important step - which entails using a special Dow Corning adhesive to anchor the film to the substructure.  With this anchor, the glass is properly secured.  Without it, anyone can push the glass through opening.  When you hear of someone defeating a window with safety film and literally rolling it up as they enter the home, it's because the installer took shortcuts.  We don't take shortcuts.  We do it right.  Period.