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Do You Know Which Security Film Is On The Pentagon?

They use our security film. Our security film is also on the FBI Building and the Capitol Building.
America’s #1 choice for performance and value.

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Recommended By Law Enforcement

The data shows criminals will move on if they cannot break in within the first 22 seconds because it’s too much time, too much noise, too much effort. We guarantee no one will break into your home or office with our security film on your glass.

Why Our Solution Is Better

Our patented 3-step process provides superior protection than conventional safety film. It takes more time and costs more money to do it our way but that’s how we secure our homes after 25 years in this industry. STEP ONE: Strengthen glass 100% with C-Bond laminate for improved impact protection. STEP TWO: Install Armorcoat® security film. STEP THREE: Anchor the security film to the frame around each glass.

We Are The Only Company With A No Break-In Guarantee

Our security film installations are so effective, we actually guarantee no one will be able to break in. And if someone does (It’s never happened!), we will cover your theft deductible and replace the film.

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“Only the Armorcoat film offered both the protection and the clarity I was looking for. In fact, it was so impressive that now I recommend it to my own customers, as well. As an interior designer, it’s important to me that I only suggest the best products. With Armorcoat safety film, I know my reputation is as secure as my showroom.

- Ralph Mills, owner of All Interior Furnishings

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“Both installations did exactly what we needed them to; now we have increased safety and receive exceptional energy savings. Best of all, we achieved it through a solution that was both attractive and effective – it didn’t darken the rooms, and doesn’t take anything from the architect’s original intent. Solar Gard and Armorcoat were the ideal retrofit products for our campus.”

- Richard Neil, chief engineer at National Geographic Society Campus (Washington, D.C)

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“The installation was great, we hardly knew the team was there. The whole process went really well. This product is exactly what I was looking for.”

- Gary Taylor, Physical Security Specialist at Department of Labor

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(702) 637-0255

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Keeps burglars and intruders out.

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Reduces summertime cooling costs.

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Increases privacy from nosy neighbors.

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Comes with a lifetime warranty.

Ask about our security screens.

Security screens are perfect for windows and doors you want to keep open AND secure.  They are ideal for areas where you want to enjoy the flow of fresh air.  Most of our clients put security screens on the front door, the sliding patio door and a few primary windows.


"I have these screens on my house and love it.  Never had to worry about break-ins again.  I just sleep the whole night."

Each security screen is custom made for your home and designed to be virtually impenetrable.  Both the frames and the screen mesh come in a variety of colors. 

Our security screens are so tough they are rated for category 4 hurricanes.  Security screens are the Cadillac in security.  Perfect for keeping crackheads, zombies and deranged persons out of your home!

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Safe, Sensible and Cost-Effective





What does Seahawk Security do?

We are engineers and former law enforcement officers dedicated to making great security more affordable to more people.  Our mission is to secure both home and office.

What is security film?

Security film is a laminate that is applied to the inside surface of glass and carefully secured to the existing frame of the window.  This creates a single, reinforced structure that is very difficult to breach - regardless of whether it's a bomb blast or a bad guy with a crowbar.  As you can see in the above video, the glass still cracks, but the glass shards do not go flying into the room.  Equally important, it takes a very LONG time to just create a small hole - yet the entire structure stays intact.  Everything is engineered to make it very hard for anyone to break in.

Our security film is available in clear and tinted versions.  The tinted versions filter the solar energy - reducing your cooling costs.  We also offer a reflective versions of security film to boost your privacy.

All of our security films come with a lifetime manufacturer's warranty on both materials and labor.

What are security screens?

Security screens are screens made from super strong stainless steel mesh.  Our security screens were originally developed decades ago for severe weather conditions. In parts of country where hurricanes and tornados are common, screens like these are placed on doors and windows to protect occupants from flying debris, aka missiles. 

In fact, our screens are rated for category 4 hurricanes!  You can take a 2x4, accelerate it to 150 mph, slam it into our screen and it will bounce off. 

That same ultra strong feature also works against forced intrusions.  No one gets through our screens.  You would need jaws-of-life or similar professional rescue tools to cut them.  (There's a latch on the inside of each screen to allow for egress in the event of an emergency.  Our latches are ADA compliant and can be easily operated by children and the elderly.)

We typically recommend security screens on a few doors and windows and security film on the rest.  Each home is different, though.  We will recommend what we would do if it were our home.

Why is this important?

Nevada and Arizona have some of the highest burglary rates in the nation.  Our solutions will help protect you from all sorts of evil - from burglars and rapists to crackheads and killers. 

Remember, the key to excellent security is to never let the bad guy get near you.  This means creating a fortress, protecting you and your loved ones from anyone wanting to get in.

highest rates of burglaries

How much does it cost?

Security film pricing is based on the square footage of the glass surface while security screen pricing is based on the width and the height of the window or door. 

If you have the rough dimensions, we can give you a quote over the phone or via email.  If you don't have the measurements, we can visit your home and take those for you.  No charge.

In general, security film is less expensive than security screens.  However, sometimes a screen is more appropriate.  Don't worry, though.  We can help you choose the right solution.


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Seahawk Security is proud to be an authorized dealer of Armorcoat® safety film and TAPCO security screens:

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