Our security film makes your glass nearly unbreakable.


Our security film is used by Pentagon and FBI.

✔ Great protection against intruders.

✔ Guaranteed to stop break-ins.

✔ Available in clear and tint.

✔ Lifetime warranty.

✔ Recommended by law enforcement.

✔ Perfect for home & office.

✔ Las Vegas based professional installers.


Our security film is the only one with a no break-in guarantee.

Guaranteed to stop intruders!

Guaranteed to stop intruders!

We are confident our solution will withstand a break-in attempt because our 3-step process is more advanced:

STEP 1: Coat each glass panel with a laminate called C-Bond. It’s water soluble, non-toxic and optically clear. The C-Bond fills the nano imperfections in the glass, strengthening the glass 100% and provides a superior surface for mounting the security film.

STEP 2: Apply the Armorcoat® security film on top of the C-Bond so each glass surface has 2 layers of protection. This makes it difficult for anyone to make a hole in the glass and unlock the door or window.

STEP 3: After the C-Bond and Armorcoat® have cured (takes about 2 weeks for it to dry and settle onto the glass), we visit again and anchor the security film to the frames with a Dow Corning 995 caulking system. This helps prevent the glass from separating from the frame and caving in when someone is pounding on it.

Can someone still get in if they wanted to? Yes, with enough time and energy, anyone can breach any security - including Fort Knox. But the data from the FBI shows most break-ins have a 22-second go or no go. If someone is banging on the door or window and can’t get in within the first 22 seconds, the perpetrator is likely to abort the break-in because it’s way too much time, energy and noise. Easier to just try another, more vulnerable home or office.

If someone does breach one of our secured surfaces (no one has!), we will cover your theft deductible up to $3000 and replace the security film free of charge.

James Kerr - Founder & CEO

James Kerr - Founder & CEO

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We will recommend only what we would do if it were our home or office. We will do quality work. Honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay. No cutting corners to make a quick buck. And we will stand by our product 100%. We are at your service - with honor and integrity.

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