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Security Screens

We are the exclusive authorized dealer of TAPCO security screens in Las Vegas and Phoenix. Our security screens, which are available for both windows and doors, are the ultimate in home security.

Made from 305 stainless steel mesh - with .035 diameter strands and 12x12 strands per inch - our screens are so tough they are rated for category 4 hurricanes.  That means you can take a heavy object, accelerate it to 150 mph,  slam it against our screen and it will bounce off.

As you can see in the video below, there's no easy way to get though one of our screens.  You need something like jaw-of-life to get through them!  The whole point is this:  The bad guys take one look at these screens and move onto the next home.

We make security screens for front doors, back door, sliding patio doors, French doors...even pet doors!

And we make security screens for windows.

Each screen is custom made.  You can choose the color of the mesh and the color of frame to match the aesthetics of your home.


FAQs - Security Screens

How do you get out if there were an emergency?

Each screen is hinged.  There's a latch on the inside.  Just flip the latch and push.  The screen will swing open - allowing for easy egress.

How much do these screens cost?

Cost depends on the type of screen - for example, whether it's for a window or a French door - and the size of the opening.  Just let us know what you need and we can give you a rough estimate via email or over the phone.

Can you secure sliding patio doors?

Yes, patio doors are especially vulnerable because they are easy to breach and because they are usually obscured from neighbors and people passing by,

Can you give me a a quote if I already have the measurements?


Where can I see a screen?

Just schedule an in-home estimate and we will bring sample screens with us.

May I just buy the screens from you and install them myself?



Seahawk Security is proud to be an authorized dealer of Armorcoat® safety film and TAPCO security screens:

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